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Welcome to my website! As a transformed individual, I’m passionate about empowering others through my work as a positive hip-hop recording artist, author, music producer, minister, speaker, and human transformation specialist.

Community activism and serving our youth are at the heart of my mission. Having walked the path of recovery myself, I’m dedicated to inspiring and reviving the spirit of those who are still on their journey.

Whether you’re seeking a speaker for your event, a positive hip-hop artist for your concert, or want to learn more about my experiences in music, ministry, and recovery; Look no further! With 20+ lived years of experience, we guarantee to meet and exceed all expectations!

Please feel free to email me at to book a speaking engagement, concert, or private consultation to explore how we can work together to make a positive impact in our world today.

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At 10 years old, Anthony Blackman took his first drag of a cigarette. Growing up in Mobile, Alabama, smoking defined the 1980s and characterized everyone Anthony idolized as a young man. Unbeknownst to him, that cold day in Mobile would mark the beginning of Anthony’s 31 year battle with smoking.
For Anthony, smoking was a crutch that carried him through his tumultuous young adult life. Gradually, however, this crutch became an enemy that barred him from his newfound goals of joy, peace, self-love and spiritual devotion. For over a decade Anthony thought about quitting, yet it was another 14 years before he made the dedicated decision to quit for good. March 1st, 2017 became Anthony’s day of rebirth: the day he would quit smoking.
For 90 days, Anthony journaled the ups and downs of quitting his addiction as a means to motivate himself to keep going. His trials, tribulations and unwavering faith spurred him forward, and at the end of 90 days Anthony was confident to proclaim that he had quit smoking for good.
For the first time, Anthony is sharing his personal journal with fellow smokers in the hopes he can inspire them to follow the same journey. Accompanying Anthony’s journals are daily reflections and spiritual considerations that will help readers make the most of every day and fight to be the strongest smoke-free version of themselves.
If you’re ready to quit smoking for good, follow Anthony on this 90-day journey and be free from smoking.


Hunger Strike To Protest Gun Violence

Starting on March 7, 2019, 9 men in the Liberty City neighborhood of Miami raised awareness of the rising levels of gun violence in Miami neighborhoods. 

All the men were members of  The Circle of Brotherhood but were later joined by student leaders from March for Our Lives. Other organizations joined in as well and made this movement a success.

In 2024, on the 5th anniversary, the Hunger 9 were honored in a ceremony and the city renewed it’s commitment to fight gun violence. Following in this trend there’s a Fast from April 4 – 26th, 2024 at the Warriors Center in Memphis, TN to BREAK THE CURSE and REVIVE MEMPHIS.

Please feel free to join me during this planned 21 day fast at 642 Semmes St, Memphis, TN 38111 where I will also be chronicling revelations received during that time. Let’s heal Memphis together! If you’d like to donate or participate in some other way such as water donation, contact me directly and someone on our team will promptly provide information on the ways to do so.